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Jan. 8th, 2013

curiousb's colonial combo default replacement has taken up permanent residence in my game (♥!) so I moved all my shower curtain recolors over to it. Just recycling really. I won't miss you, original shower with your brassy gold fixtures that always made me think of Egg McMuffins.

36 shower curtain recolorsCollapse )
It's almost Halloween! Me and the five other simmers who actually own Celebration Stuff might just throw our sims a party :D

celebration stuff recolors, nightlife posters, wallpaperCollapse )
Some odds and ends :)
Who knew the whole castle build set could be recolored with just two files? Well, three if you do the pointy roof. But still!

little pile of randomnessCollapse )
Oh ha livejournal! Good one about the new version NOT autosaving - you're HILARIOUS.

lighting recolorsCollapse )
I keep picturing Yeti in the dark, bumping into little tables.

Seasons lightingCollapse )
My first angry secret. Could've been worse! My response to any conflict or confrontation is to get a stomachache but it's mostly gone away thanks to some nice counterings in the comments - thanks for the support! :3
Read more...Collapse )
Drinking game! Take a shot every time I mention HugeLunatic, *drinks* thank HugeLunatic, *drinks* credit HugeLunatic, *drinks* recommend something by HugeLunatic, *drinks* or link to a creation/mod/fix by HugeLunatic. *drinks* Besh... drinkinn... game... evurrr... Hic.

2nd Empire build objectsCollapse )
Recolors of another Mansions & Gardens collection! I still don't know if there just aren't many simmers who have m&g or if they just don't use the build sets much because I hardly ever see recolors for them. I love them even if Maxis gave us odd color combinations :|

art deco build objectsCollapse )
Hmm I just added a few lj friends! I looked for policies about friending and sometimes I didn't find them so apologies if I added when I shouldn't have *bites nails*
kc yeti sled


Even though it says Yeti Gift Shop, nothing here is for sale and nothing here is for Yeti enthusiasts.

I'm still learning but I hope you find something you like!
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