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tweaky fixy masterpost

I'll add things to this post as they get done. Thanks to HugeLunatic and revolvertrooper for teaching me how to make zCEP fixes :)
Thanks to Lunie for A Lunatic Idea too!

A quick explanation:
If Maxis object A has the same texture as object B but they both still require their own recolors, object B is slaved to A and any recolors of A will now work for B. So I can remove all those recolors of object B from my poor downloads folder - yay!
These go in your zCEP-EXTRA folder, not your downloads folder.

shasta_CEP_al_bookends (originally uploaded here)
  the little figures share textures with the bg wooden model
shasta_CEP_al_jockcolumnbeam (originally uploaded here)
  Transversal ceiling beam is now shiftable and slaved to Smitty's jock column
shasta_CEP_al_wallpotterybohemian (originally uploaded here)
   the separate little vase and empty shelf will now share recolors with the vase-on-a-shelf
shasta_CEP_bg_freezercases (originally uploaded here)
  freezercase (Food Shrine) recolors will now work for the freezercasealternate (Food Temple)
shasta_CEP_bg_plantferns (originally uploaded here)
  alternate version of Hafi's CEP-extra to work with HugeLunatic's Sweet Low Down edits
  hanging fern shares textures with the floorstand fern
shasta_CEP_bg_plantsunflower_ofb_vase (originally uploaded here)
  Amaryll's default sunflowers linked to snapdragons vase
shasta_CEP_hm_clothingracks (originally uploaded here)
  dress rack shares frame textures with shirt rack, clothing is slaved to the bg expensive clothing racks
shasta_CEP_holiday_buildmode (originally uploaded here)
  doors and windows are slaved to their base-game twin
  bows and wreaths on doors are slaved to their buy mode decorative twin
shasta_CEP_ikea_heartpillow (originally uploaded here)
  decorative FAMNIG HJARTA cushion slaved to the KLIPPAN sofa heart cushion
shasta_CEP_nl_bowlingrack (originally uploaded here)
  top shares textures with the one-tile Vintage Retro Classic diner table
shasta_CEP_nl_commercialdoor (originally uploaded here)
  one-tile Gone Legit door slaved to bg two-tile Big Entrance Shop Door
shasta_CEP_nl_dinertables (originally uploaded here)
  two-tile American Tableau table slaved to one-tile Vintage Retro Classic table
shasta_CEP_nl_bowlingrack (originally uploaded here)
  the top shares textures with the one-tile Vintage Retro Classic table
  2-story column shares textures with the 1-story column
shasta_CEP_ofb_craftableflowers_mixed_wild (originally uploaded here)
  mixed flowers share textures with wildflowers
shasta_CEP_ofb_displayintl_wedgebear (originally uploaded here)
  all 3 intl shelves share textures, wedge nutcracker shares base textures with wedge teddy bear
shasta_CEP_ofb_missioncollection (originally uploaded here)
  two-tile coffee table slaved to one-tile coffee table
  Bedscalibur double bed slaved to Slumber Saddle single bed
  Java de Pwi barstool cushion slaved to Sit-Up-Straight dining chair cushion
shasta_CEP_pets_ptgbadgers (originally uploaded here)
   Mr. & Mrs. Badger painting share frame textures with bg SimCity At Night painting
shasta_CEP_ssns_bistrotablechair (originally uploaded here)
  bistro chair seat slaved to bistro table top (metal frames still separate)
shasta_CEP_uni_medievaldoors (originally uploaded here)
  two-story Hey Nonny No Door slaved to Daniel the Lionhearted Door (stone frames still separate)
shasta_CEP_uni_multistorycolonialcolumns (originally uploaded here)
  three-story Colonial Column Plus slaved to two-story column

rtpr-BG_Colonial_and_Nouveau_Bookcases_repository_fix (originally uploaded here)
revolvertrooper's fix but they let me share it :3
bg colonial and nouveau bookcases now share the bg Craftmeister Booknook book textures
rtpr-shasta_CEP_al_secretbookcases (originally uploaded here)
al secret bookcase and bookcase door slaved to the bg colonial bookcase, typo correction

mediafire folder with individual files

Default Replacements
al Trilby's Delight frame
bg dishes, mop, bar tray, stepstool
bg loft collection furniture
bg teleprompter
bg lightingstreettriple
bg community phone
bg stainless appliances
bg flamingo
bg freezer case
bg rosebush shrub
bg sunflowers (with witheredlilies' new mesh)
bv bigfoot
ft nectar bar tray
h&m assorted
holidaystuff clear window glass
nl brasserie counter glass and cabinet hardware
nl upscale table lighting, nl date roses
ofb euro elevator pewter details
ofb metal towel rack TXMT fix
ofb craftable flowers
pets potted rose
ssns (also in later eps) gift box
ssns greenhouse
ssns display rack clear glass bottles
ssns less-square scattered leaves
uni mini-fridges
fountain soapbox

mediafire folder with individual files

ikea poppy decal 'keepbuying'
bv zero-footprint objects


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Jun. 24th, 2014 08:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you for making life simpler!
Jun. 26th, 2014 06:46 am (UTC)
Yay for simplifying! Thank you Lucy :)
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