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Pirates vs. Ninjas! The Ninja Building Supply set from the 2013 Advent at Garden of Shadows only had charcoal. I updated those recolors (and 2 floors) and did the other pirate woods :D

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GIMP Tutorial: Replacing Text with Simlish

A tumblr friend asked how I add Simlish to an image - I hope this is helpful :P

I chose this painting by Jay Fleck, I think its proportions will fit the Nightlife Pineapple poster. Since the poster uses a 512 pixel tall texture, I scaled my image first:
Toolbar > Image > Scale Image... Height: 512
To match the orange text, I used the eyedropper tool (shortcut o) on the werewolf
Add a new layer (shift-ctrl-n) - name it whatever you like, I named mine simlish

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North Pole Mini-Challenge

I've never played a challenge so I'm not sure it's a good idea to make up one without any experience but I really want to try this ^-^ I might need to edit these as I play.
This is a 7-day challenge! HolidayStuff, Seasons and OpenForBusiness are required. I built and furnished my North Pole lot with all eps and sps and the family has a cat and a dog but nothing from the other eps and sps is necessary.

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GIMP Tutorial: Adding Shading

I had a request about how to retexture something without the original mesh's wood texture showing through.

If you can find a smooth solid (hopefully white or light) recolor of a mesh (no wood grain), that's always easiest:
Export that texture in SimPE, open it in GIMP and basically follow the steps I listed here in another tutorial.

Instead of paint-bucket dropping your color into the 'color' layer you'll be pasting your wood texture there instead.

I'm using Awesims' simple desk as an example. We'll pretend its white recolor (see above) doesn't exist since this tutorial would be lazy otherwise. And my GIMP knowledge is questionable, I feel like there are probably much better/faster/more efficient ways to do the things I'm doing but I just don't know them.

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Apr. 27th, 2015

*gasp* the Bohemian set was a challenge :P Thanks EA, for the rug especially that your own team couldn't figure out how to retexture. It totally deserves a giant preview.

Yeti colors for the chair cushion and rug, yeti metals for the floor mirror and tabletop frames, pirate woods with pewter details for everything else. There's also a pewter default replacement for Trilby's Delight frame.
I did the little shelf / vase and table lamp as part of yandereplum's secret Santa (hello friend!) but of course there is a leopard print lamp shade today, of course there is
My favorite part was making the framed portraits using skellington7d's Old Timey hood images, the originals are lovely! Thank you for your creativity and generous policy, Skell

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A few maxis buy mode things in pirate woods, I call it the Affordable Collection.

I've included curiousb's fixes for the Craftmeister cheap single bed from our blind date (with thanks ): the mapping fix seen here and the slaved default which is like a CEP-extra, any recolors of the Cheap Eazzzzze double bed will work for the single bed.

Five pirate woods for everything and sixteen yeti colors for the moderate chair cushion in a chevron pattern. It's all base game except the ofb designer dresser and someone may have loaded their game without any custom bedding.

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Apr. 9th, 2015

"All I ever make is piratey stuff yo ho ho"

Just some custom meshes that I really love. There is an alarming amount of HugeLunatic

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Treasure Hunt 2015

I shared two little sets for this year's egg hunt at Garden of Shadows

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Swashbuckling shop stuff adventures!

Chapter one: the European shelving from ofb

euroshelving rb
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Walked me own gangplank

I be beggin yer pardon most sorrowfully.
My early pirate wood build recolors have (finally) had their TXMTs updated to remove the green sheen. I have no idea where I came up with settings that made them appear slightly seasick but at least I was consistent. I apologize to pirate friends for the hassle of re-downloading and un-rar-ing and switching out the old for the new in your downloads folder, it's totally optional of course. The original posts' download links will contain these edits but here they all are in one post.

pirate do-over
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