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Swashbuckling shop stuff adventures!

Chapter one: the European shelving from ofb

euroshelving rb
*swashes buckles*Collapse )

Walked me own gangplank

I be beggin yer pardon most sorrowfully.
My early pirate wood build recolors have (finally) had their TXMTs updated to remove the green sheen. I have no idea where I came up with settings that made them appear slightly seasick but at least I was consistent. I apologize to pirate friends for the hassle of re-downloading and un-rar-ing and switching out the old for the new in your downloads folder, it's totally optional of course. The original posts' download links will contain these edits but here they all are in one post.

pirate do-over
embarrassed pirateCollapse )
Custom build sets that only need recolors of a master, part ii
Sets will have individual links below or here's all three

I'm really excited about Veranka's Thorpe set, it has so many pieces and it's extra versatile with two subsets and amazingly only one master! It's tremendous with lots of lovely meshes and recolors plus verounique did something so clever with it I can't even figure out what the master actually is?! So the meshes aren't included, please get the Thorpe Build set here.
veranka thorpe
Thorpe Build, Shoji Build, Tokyo BuildCollapse )
Hardtack! Rum! Community lot objects!

comm rb

Pirate groceries!Collapse )
I thought this was a HUGE bunch of things I recolored considering how long it took me to finish them?!? Oh well. Anyhow here's the last of the ApartmentLife build objects, plus the built-in closets and secret door bookcase because in my head, they would 'come with the house.' Both al bookcases will pull recolors from the bg colonial bookcase with the included CEP-extra.

al iii dw

al mix part iiiCollapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2014

Pieces o' eight! More pirate build stuff :B
Some favorite custom build sets that only need recolors of a master window and/or door. Individual sets will have their own links below or
download all four sets - alternate
(includes recolors and meshes)

pirate seasurf
sea & surf set, florida set, madaya set, waterfront setCollapse )

Oct. 7th, 2014

I finished another steampunk kitchen using delonariel's converted s3store set - thank you, friend!
My computer's graphics don't let aquariums (or ponds) show fish *sob* but delonariel's upload shows the stocked aquarium.
And why did I use cc in the previews that has nothing to do with what's included in the download? Sorry :/

steampunk kitchen worn

worn steampunk kitchenCollapse )
Poop deck! Pegleg! Storybook collection! :D

Full disclosure: this set has some odd mapping and it does that weird (mipmap?) thing where you can see seams at certain angles from certain distances, more noticeably on the darker colors but also on the maxis originals.
And it only took me like four months and witheredlilies' defaults to realize the TXMT setting I've been using on every single one of the pirate build recolors is what gave them a greenish sheen :( So July will be full of re-dos, I'm so sorry!

sb close-up
Arr I be conflicted with piratey stuff next to fairies and cake frosting stuffCollapse )

tweaky fixy masterpost

I'll add things to this post as they get done. Thanks to HugeLunatic and revolvertrooper for teaching me how to make zCEP fixes :)
Thanks to Lunie for A Lunatic Idea too!

no pictures just text :\Collapse )
I was able to tear myself away from Happy Street on the iPad long enough to do some stuff :P The Good Witch counter has two add-on sets that I know of and both require their own countertop recolors.

sb ctr rowboat
ofb stuff, holiday stuff, gingerbread house stuffCollapse )
kc yeti sled


Even though it says Yeti Gift Shop, nothing here is for sale and nothing here is for Yeti enthusiasts.

I'm still learning but I hope you find something you like!
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