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I had an ask at my tumblr about add-on databases and specifically any add-ons for the country collection.

Hafiseazale has this Maxis-Match Add-Ons Page
and there's the Sims2Addons tumblr

In addition to the objects listed on hafi's Seasons page, these are the country add-ons and fixes I know of:

HugeLunatic's decorative doors
HugeLunatic's interior door subset fix
HugeLunatic's taller doors and arch mesh replacements
plasticbox's mirrored door
plasticbox's modular windows
SimsConnection's windows

nofrills' double door, 1-tile window, sill-height curtain

sawamura's tables (original unrepositoried ones are here)

corvidophile's stool, kitchen shelf

dgandy's sink-matching table, curtain-less counter

nengi65's 2-tile table, end table, crib, wall deco, toybox, potty chair
Michelle's sink-matching table
tbudgett's 1-tile vanity
Megahue 2's counter curtains
Megahue 2's higher curtains
chiaroscuro's emptied corner shelf with slots
simaddict99's country-match superset
simaddict99's country bookcases updated for FT
rebecah's toddler bathroom
NixNivis' counter completers

spiegelsplitter's build mode recolor sets: mint, sand, blush, pale blue, blue, red
spiegelsplitter's red & blue walls and ceiling panels
HugeLunatic's bg value counter recolors
rebecah's "A Little More Country" recolors: green, blue, pink
HystericalParoxysm's appliance recolors
Michelle's recolors of Buggybooz' shakerlicious appliances