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I'm finally learning to recolor, seven years after the game's release. WHAT.

an_nas and HugeLunatic are absolutely two of my favorite simmers! I was all to pieces when Anna recoloured the towels and some rugs (shout out to HolySimoly's shag!) in her lovely colors. And Lunie is so nice and so helpful and so amazingly smart that she fixed the rugs. I still haven't recovered from it! So if you like matching towels and bathmats and use HugeLunatic's rug fix then you're welcome to these. 16 recolors of everything and a swatch is included c:

ofb towels - Open For Business required
kb towels - Kitchen & Bath Stuff required

kb rug - Kitchen & Bath Stuff required
nl rugs - Nightlife required

The 1x1 bathmat and 2x3 oriental rug from Nightlife will look odd in your game if you're not using HugeLunatic's rug fix. They won't match the towels or even each other - I recommend Anna's prettiness instead :)
My preview pics are so wanna-be-Anna! *fangirls*

credits and thanks to:
Anna and HolySimoly for the shag rug
chrissy6930's puddles
clutter-a-holic's duck
miskha's ducks
awesims' tile wall
tile floor from Argon's LifeStories build bundle


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Oct. 22nd, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
Still not done raiding your LJ ... I will love you forever for this <3 I got so sad when Anna's recolors became all dark and gloomy, but I can't live without this fix. I suspect you're a superhero of some sort. Well a Yeti in itself is probably as strong as several superheroes ... I digress.
Oct. 22nd, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Well! Sweet talk of superheroes and yetis has DONE ME IN ♥ I'm tickled you like the rugs!
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kc yeti sled


Even though it says Yeti Gift Shop, nothing here is for sale and nothing here is for Yeti enthusiasts.

I'm still learning but I hope you find something you like!
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