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Since I don't post many pictures, I doubt there'll be much need for a resources list but I saw that simsecret from a while back about them. And I like wcif questions (those are the ones I can answer) so feel free to ask! I always admire players who make the conscious decision to have no pay content in their game on principle. I am not that noble :/

- defaults
skins - memories by niloublue
eyes - onomatopea and more by niloublue
supernaturals - nilou's plantsim defaulted by colemariesims
supernaturals - alienpalooza! multi-pollination technician set by [info]brilliantsims
supernaturals - servos by [info]remisims
supernaturals - simsbaby's no witch overlays
supernaturals - tsn's invisible vampire skin
pet eyes - moonlitowl's conversion of nilou's onomatopea set
face templates - still deciding

build / buy mode
- maxis-match completer sets, add-ons and fixes
leesester at mts2 aka leefish
HugeLunatic at mts2 and sims2artists
Gwenke33 at mts2 and sims2artists
fway at mts2
tbudgett at mts2
Numenor at mts2
MaryLou at mts2
plasticbox at mts2
spiegelsplitter at Colour Sims
nofrills (sims2code) at the graveyard and TSR
windkeeper at mts2 and TSR
chrissy6930 at ts2creations and TSR
simaddict99 at TSR
mutske at TSR
MsBarrows at TSR
Spaik at TSR
kc yeti sled


Even though it says Yeti Gift Shop, nothing here is for sale and nothing here is for Yeti enthusiasts.

I'm still learning but I hope you find something you like!
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