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Garden of Shadows 2011.09 - Art Nouveau

I had a very nice message letting me know pics were missing for the Lemony Snicket & Flamingo lots. Re-uploading them here since the GoS post is too old to edit :B

The EA store sets need Havelock's more awesome lighting fix which I've included in the zips for each lot. knightguy's glass fixes require Nightlife so I didn't include them. I changed that glass from blue to clear here.

Two sets of 4 residential 2x2 lots, all requiring BonVoyage. They're minimally furnished, containing only what I'd expect to find in a house for sale.

The Snicket Series

Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events came to mind when making these, not only Brett Helquist's nouveau-like illustrations and color palette but the feel of the books themselves - uncomfortable and exhilarating, just like the rooflines. All four lots use the same recolors (included in the zip) listed here and shown in a kitchen here and a bathroom here.

The Penultimate Peril
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Glamour Life collection!
I haven't seen any real-life furniture like this so kudos to the EA designers who just decided "hey let's make very shiny very expensive melted-looking metal furniture"
And I've never really used it but I can picture it in a penthouse apartment (and I could finally use the helipad too)?

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I had an ask at my tumblr about add-on databases and specifically any add-ons for the country collection.

Hafiseazale has this Maxis-Match Add-Ons Page
and there's the Sims2Addons tumblr

In addition to the objects listed on hafi's Seasons page, these are the country add-ons and fixes I know of:

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EA had some unused diner-style textures for the Nightlife booth, one of them was flamingo pink so this happened  :D  I plan on doing some other recolors for the booth (with the upscale chair and table) which won't be so diner-ish but I couldn't resist Flannah pink.
And this whole set isn't that much different from the originals: everything already came in red / black / blue / pink but the wall lights had to basically stay the same.

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A how-to for a friend :)

This way works for me but there are other ways which might be easier.
For this, I'm default replacing the bg Danish chair, it has 5 cushions and 4 woods so my DR file will have 9 TXMTs and 9 TXTRs.
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Base-game loft collection!

Since I hardly ever use it I went straight to defaulting everything but I reconsidered and added recolors because choices.
I hope the Curious brothers like their new furniture :B

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LifeStories buy bundle notes

Since I started recoloring the Proper Life Stories Conversions, I've edited and added a few things. Here's what's been changed and/or just a description of what a file does:

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I finished the classic nursery in pirate woods and yeti colors yay! I had already done the potty, toybox and high chair for a GoS monthly theme but choosing which color fabric to put with which wood just about killed me :B Decisions! Commitment! Nope nope nope

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Sep. 5th, 2015

About nine days ago I told yandereplum I was about three days away from finishing the h&m set - ha! The door and counter were cruelly mapped (thank you sadistic EA designer) but they're finally done :P
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I had a request for the grocery stores I built for some previews here and I'm very happy to share them! They share the exact same floorplan and furnishings except for recolors and trees (and a few outdoor lighting variations). But most notably one has a flamingo and one has freezer bunnies :)

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