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Aug. 4th, 2017

The gift shop has moved! Everything is now at Sims2Artists.

I'm very sorry if you followed a link here only to find the page missing but I was wearing myself out trying to keep track of everything.


tweaky fixy masterpost

I'll add things to this post as they get done. Thanks to HugeLunatic and revolvertrooper for teaching me how to make zCEP fixes :)
Thanks to Lunie for A Lunatic Idea too!

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Feb. 14th, 2014

Little valentine set! I had saved these patterns a while ago and then I found this gif... kismet.
bedding, base game baby table and crib bedding
three IKEA uldum rug recolors
six wall panels - §6

poorly lit previews this-a-wayCollapse )
Happy birthday, curiousb! I'm two days late *shame-faced* but I know a January First birthday is kind of hard to share with New Year's Day type celebrations so... This post is supposed to be ALL about CuriousB and presents (!) but I need to make room for a "revolvertrooper celebratory appreciation section" too ^-^ I needed help with parts of this set and asked revolvertrooper, the most helpful most generous under-the-radar simmer. They are like an undercover simmer spy, full of smarts and know-how and nice points ♥ and you will all be very surprised to learn I have crushes on revolvertrooper and CuriousB. I've got so much love to give :D

♪ No one could offer you more ♪ than the love for you I have in store ♪Collapse )
Hodge-podge! Lots of little things that don't go with anything else but some of them are kind of useful so I thought I'd share :) I hope I remember to change whatever season it is on this preview-taking lot next time. Yucky yellow-green lighting yuck.
I replaced my hard drive in July so look what google-havoc I've wreaked on poor Lunie's name in just a few months ha ha! Who knows how many misspellings I managed before then. I must have this desperate sense of urgency to get her uploads. All the time!

this and thatCollapse )
Happy birthday, psychosim! I MADE YOU SOME TOILET RECOLORS for your special day!! Wildly inappropriate and yet I'm a little optimistic that you'll actually like them :D Also some bedding with tontons (?) and other creatures I've forgotten the names of plus some wallpaper which might work in retro sci-fi space colonies or cold-war bunkers or industrialist militaristic dystopias? MsBarrows' chemical toilet mesh and original recolors are included, one recolor uses gazifu's Simlish Lengiza font.

bedding, wallpaper, loosCollapse )
When lj told me it was their birthday, I ran (skipped!) off to make some presents because I have such a sim-friend-crush on delonariel! I always like to qualify my crushes as being non-creepy but this one might cross the line ha ha
They had mentioned how some of the TeenStyle stuff worked really well with the wonderland set we worked on together (which was marvelous fun to do). The teetery slippery slidey victorian collection lighting! So perfect to light your way as you fall down the rabbithole... plus I just like lamps, oh yes I do, I will recolor lamps as long as they let me. This birthday edition of yeti lighting has wonderland's pence metal :)

tss lighting recolorsCollapse )

Sep. 11th, 2013

Hello sim friends! I'm working on something besides my usual wallpaper / bedding / shower curtains / paintings / nursery recolors old dog no new tricks for the monthly theme at GoS. But what a surprise, more walls today (can you believe it), fifteen §6 wallpapers with that not-tired-of-it-yet moulding :)

topiary wallpaperCollapse )

Aug. 19th, 2013

Hmm, well, my real life has become a little complicated all of a sudden! I don't think it will be for very long but you never know. I was working on a birthday present for an_nas (oh how I love her colors and her creations, I know the sims community misses her ) but right now I just don't have the chunk of time I need to get that particular set as tidy as it should be. So I'll share seventeen poster recolors instead, the artwork is by a favorite pair of artists, Poppy & Red :)

pineapple poster recolorsCollapse )

I got busy with Christmas in July gift-making and then my hard drive went kablooey and then I got busy with Christmas in July gift-receiving! Like seriously! It took me a wonderfully long time to just simply LOOK at all the goodies voleste made me. And then I was excited to be busy as a super-secret-santa so here it is a month later, little gift shop, I'm sorry!

But look at the patterns I found for some wallpaper, spatulas even :3 Twenty-seven walls with curiona's ceiling-friendly moulding, and there's a collection file (little chef's hat icon). I have to confess though (so embarrassed), some of these aren't mac-compatible *sob* Not all, just some, but still! I had to choose between crunchy textures and the small unknown group of mac simmers *waves at all seven of you*

I hope you like :D

bake sale wallpaperCollapse )
kc yeti sled


Even though it says Yeti Gift Shop, nothing here is for sale and nothing here is for Yeti enthusiasts.

I'm still learning but I hope you find something you like!
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